Siwon, the “face controller” (x)

141008 MBC Radio Star


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140927 Incheon Airport Sky Festival MBC Super K-POP Concert

cr: Bonsongshop

1&2 || 3,4,5&6 || 7 || 8 || 

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SS6 Seoul fancam

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Swing VCR || U || Eunhyuk solo || Midnight Blues || She Wants It || Ment: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) || Don’t Leave Me (1) (2) || This is Love || Islands || Swing || 1+1=Love || Motorcycle || Hello || Oppa Oppa || Shirt || Let’s Dance (1) (2) || Walkin’ || From U || Haru ||

cr: PrideHJ

100회콘 소감 || Mamacita || Motorcycle || Islands || This is Love || 초심인사+기쁨의댄스+하트선물 || She Wants It || Eunhyuk solo ||


Super Junior 7jib MAMACITA Thanks To | 140901


Firstly, thanks to our fans for waiting for this album for a long time. During past 2 years, I’ve experienced many events. I was shaken, was very exhausted, received many scars, and for the first time, I thought about giving up. I remembered the young days when I first I dreamed of becoming a singer, the days when I was a trainee, and the days since I met Super Junior. Looking back at those days, I gave compliments to myself, and reflected on a lot of things too. And I imagined a bit about the future. In the end, I gained conviction for things I wanted to do, and things I have to do, and what allowed me to have that strength were fans who always stood by my side and loved me without changing, and Super Junior members. I think it’s not easy for a person to go back to ‘their first mindset’. So with a new mindset, I plan to enjoy the promotions this time. I hope you continue to cheer without any reserves for the road I will take from now on. I will repay to everyone with mindset that does not change, and with changing images(appearance/side). Thank you.


140922 SS6 Seoul after party

140918 Star Gazing


official cut: (1) (2)

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you probably ask why would i vote on the korean site () too when there’s the international site ( well both site have their own voting and both counted on m!countdown scoring. And currently, we are on 2nd place at the korean site and the gap…

Super Show 6 poster photoshoot

#1 Eunhyuk & Siwon

#2 Kangin & Kyuhyun

140910 Kiss The Radio (Sukira)



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